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Graduated from the Veterinary Faculty of Zaragoza, Spain in 1995
ECSRHM diplomate 2010
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Diplomate, Board member, Former president

Small ruminant health. Upper and lower respiratory diseases in adult sheep and lambs. Sheep managemen


Delia Lacasta graduated at the Veterinary Faculty of Zaragoza, Spain in 1995. Since that moment, she started working with sheep in a full time, first in a 2500 sheep farm during two years and later for a Sheep and Goat Breeder Healthy Group (SBHG), located in the south of Huesca, Spain, managing more than 20,000 sheep. There she was working for more than 13 years. At the same time, she developed the PhD degree on lambs’ respiratory diseases obtained in 2006 with Cum Laude qualification. She had been working with the GTV (ruminants specialize enterprise) of Zaragoza, Spain for 15 years as sheep respiratory disorders specialist and in 2005 she started working at the university as a part time lecturer. At this time and since 2010, she is working as a full time lecturer at the Veterinary Faculty of Zaragoza, Spain, being in charge of the Ruminant Clinical Service of this Faculty (SCRUM). She is Diplomate of the European College of Small Ruminants Health and Management (ECSRHM) since 2011 and she has published 40 publications in peer reviewed journals (within the impact factor system) and more than 70 publications in other national and international journals, furthermore she has more than 100 presentations in national and international scientific meetings. She was involved in the scientific committee of the ISVC of Harrogate, UK, in 2017, and will be involved on the next ISVC that will be held in Seville in 2021. Currently, she is vice-president of ECSRHM and member of the Spanish Society of Sheep and Goat Production (SEOC).

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